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Training Center for Travel Medicine CDC.TAIWAN & NTUH



Due to the advancement and convenience brought by technology and different travel modalities, cross-continental communication and travel have increased dramatically, and Taiwanese citizens have more opportunities to travel abroad in recent years. The number of Taiwanese citizens traveled abroad is expected to increase annually. With the growth of intercontinental migration and cultural exchange in terms of immigration, working abroad or international travel, the incidence and transmission of infectious disease was on the rise, and has called upon the relevant authorities to take immediate actions to enforce health securities. Issues such as novel travel destinations, special activities during travel, aging of the traveler, pre-existing medical conditions of travelers, and emerging infectious, bring forth additional considerations for medical consultation and increase recognition of the importance of travel medicine. Thus, National Taiwan University Hospital collaborates with Centers for Disease Control, R.O.C (Taiwan) to establish the Travel Medicine Training Center and travel medicine clinic. The travel medicine clinics offer pre-travel immunizations, counseling and medicines to help protect travelers while travelling. internationally. Our goal is to ensure travelers can receive holistic medical care during international travel.


Climate, food, and living environment may be quite different when traveling abroad. Travelers are susceptible to local infections or travelers’ diarrhea due to a lack of immunity to pathogen. Consequently, it is important to be aware of epidemic diseases and be vaccinated for vaccine preventable disease. During each traveling, travelers should practice personal hygiene and take adequate protective equipment to maintain traveling quality and own health.

Based on the statistical data, only 33% of travelers seek pre-travel consultation before their trip, which is lower than that in Western countries. This indicates our citizens need to enhance the health literacy of travel medicine. It is likely to cause epidemic disease if the local public health control center is not well functioned or the population is not aware of the public health issue. Further, the epidemic disease might easily spread abroad through travelers and became an endemic disease.

The mission of Travel Medicine Training Center and travel medicine clinic is to provide comprehensive and around-the-clock travel-related medical services, plus promoting education and training of travel medicine among medical professionals.