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Training Center for Travel Medicine CDC.TAIWAN & NTUH


Plans and targets

Short-term goals

  1. Continuously operated “Travel medicine clinic”, offering pre-travel consultation, such as perform an individual risk assessment, communicate to the traveler anticipated health risks, and provide risk management measures, including immunizations, malaria prophylaxis, and other medications as indicated.
  2. Promoting training courses of travel medicine to medical professionals.
  3. Strengthening the awareness of travel medicine to the general population.
  4. Broadening the perspectives and services of the travel industry in travel medicine.
  5. Enforcing and providing quality-controlled services in travel clinics.
  6. Conducting travel medicine-related research based on current epidemics.

Intermediate targets

  • Providing education and training of travel medicine.
  • Cultivation of travel medicine educator
  • Clinical trials and research plans of related medication and vaccination.

Long-term goals

  • To become the demonstrational and educational Travel Medicine Training Center of Taiwan and Asia-Pacific countries.
  • To lead the future development of travel medicine in Taiwan and Asia-Pacific countries.
  • To be capable of training future talents as well as review and issue related certificates.